Women on air

the board. the break. business.


Women ONAIR was created as a networking platform for all women working in television & radio broadcasting. Our goal is to encourage and enhance cohesiveness between this small circle of women operating within a male-dominated industry. As our motto states, "behind the board, behind the break, behind the business". This platform supports women, not only on the mic, but in newswriting, camera & radio board-op, promotions & sales, production & studio engineering..

 Through womenonair.org, you will discover

  • on-air jobs, Industry updates

  • internship opportunities, apparel

  • the 'WOA' collegiate scholarship program

  • events AND MUCH MORE!

Our motto:

"I work hard, I make moves and I grow. I support endeavors of other women in this industry, while pursuing success in my own lane, I neither bash nor find satisfaction in dimming the light of others as I am my only competition. There is room for every woman to win. I am @WomenOnAir"